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Editorial Board

Editorial board members

Submission Guidelines

Preparation of manuscript Title page Text Headings Abbreviations Acknowledgments Citation Reference list Ethical responsibilities of authors

Editorial board members

  • Dr. Asrat Worku
Associate editor
  • Dr. Eleyas Assefa (AASTU)
Editorial board
  • Dr. Samuel Tadesse (AAiT)
  • Dr. Yared Worku (Research scientist-SINTEF-Norway)
  • Dr. Anteneh Biru (Norwegian geotechnical institute-Norway)
  • Dr. Tensay Berhe (AAiT)
  • Dr. Henok Fikrie (AAiT)
  • Dr. Tezera firew (AAiT)
  • Dr. Trufat Hailemariam (AAU)
  • Dr. Argaw Asha (ASTU)
  • Dr. Yibeltal Zerie (UOG)
  • Dr. Abebe Worku (UOG)
  • Dr. Adiszemen Teklay (BIT)
  • Dr. Siraj Mulugeta (AASTU)
  • Dr. Eleyas Assefa (AASTU)
  • Dr. Abraham Mineneh
  • Dr. Africa Geremew
  • Dr. Daniel Teklu

Preparation of manuscript

The submitted papers have to be typed and double spaced.

Title page

The title page should consist of the following elements.

It should be precisely and concisely described. It shouldn’t have abbreviations.
Authors’ information

  • The name of individual authors
  • Affiliations of authors
  • Authors’ contact address
  • Corresponding author contact address

The maximum word limit for the abstract is 250. The abstract mustn’t have figures, tables, and references.

Please provide a maximum of six 6 keywords.


Text Formatting
Manuscripts should be submitted in Word.
  • Please use 11-point Times Roman for the text.
  • Please don’t provide page numbers manually.
  • Please prepare tables using Microsoft-word.
  • Please use the equation editor for equations.
  • Please save your file in docx format.
  • Tables and Figures should be cited in the text of your manuscript.


A maximum of 3 digits should be used for headings.


Abbreviations should be defined at first mention.


Acknowledgments shall be given to people and institutions.


Citations should be made based on author and year style.

Reference list

Only cited works should be mentioned under the reference list. References should be placed alphabetically.

Ethical responsibilities of authors

  • Authorship of the paper: Authorship should consider only those who have a noticeable contribution to the submitted scientific paper.
  • Originality and plagiarism: The submitted paper should be the original work of the authors. If authors employ others' ideas, they should acknowledge or cite them.
  • Data access and retention: Authors should have the willingness to share their data with the editorial office.
  • Disclosure and conflicts of interest: The submitted manuscript should include a statement of conflict of interest.
  • Fundamental errors in published works: If the authors came to know about an error in their published paper, they should automatically notify the editorial office.
  • Reporting standards: The manuscript should have elements of a scientific report.

For authors

Please submit your manuscript to the email,