Diaspora membership criteria

To be a member, one should:
  1. Accept the goals and objectives of the society.
  2. Be of age 18 or above.
  3. Accept and enforce the bylaw of the society and ethical regulations that will be issued anytime by the general assembly.
  4. Accept to pay an annual membership payment of 200 birr, which may change based on future decisions by the general assembly.
  5. Not be prosecuted by law.
  6. Satisfy atleast one of the following criteria:
    • Have atleast a masters degree in Geotechnical Engineering or related fields from a recognized institution.
    • Have a bachelors degree in Civil Engineering, Geology or related fields, have atleast 2 years of experience in the area of geotechnical engineering and can provide a legal letter showing the experience.
  Documents stated in part 6 and a CV should be uploaded (in pdf) on the online form in the "Documents" section.

Diaspora membership procedures

Please follow the steps given below to complete your registration and access your online profile:
  1. Click the "Join EGS" button below.
  2. Fill the neccessary personal data as per the requirement given in the form.
  3. Wait while your data is reviewed. This may take hours to few days. You will be notified through email (email address you provided in the form will be used) whether your membership request data is approved or not. When modification on the submitted information is required, an edit link will be sent in the email.
  4. If the provided information is approved, an email with a link to payment information form will be sent to your email. You are required to pay an annual membership payment of 50 USD or equivalent to our Commercial Bank of Ethiopia account (Ethiopian Geotechnical Society, account number: 1000498846681) through any convenient money transfer service. Then you are required to fill the transaction number and other required information needed using the link in the email.
  5. Up on submission of a valid payment data, your membership request will be accepted and you will be a member of the society. You can access your online profile by clicking the "Login" button on the navigation bar or by clicking here.