Geotechnical engineering work in Ethiopia has a long history in relation to the expansion of construction work. There have been many gaps in doing these jobs in a well-organized and scientifically sound manner. In addition, the number of geotechnical engineers in our country is constantly increasing.
According to the experience of other countries, the Association of Geotechnical Engineers is one of the institutions that have a significant contribution in the process of properly managing and leading the issues mentioned above.
Currently, there are 90 associations of geotechnical engineers that are part of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering. 10 of them are in Africa. Accordingly, it is found to be necessary to establish an association of geotechnical engineers in Ethiopia under the name "Ethiopian Geotechnical Society".

Goal of Establishment

Ethiopian Geotechnical Society is a non-political and non-profit professional association with the following objectives.
  1. Growing and developing the profession of geotechnical engineering;
  2. To encourage geotechnical engineering education and research activities in the country;
  3. Facilitating conditions for the members of the association to develop professionally;
  4. To develop and enhance the professional relationship between geotechnical engineers and related professional associations at national and international level;
  5. Providing professional status and recognition certificates to the members of the association based on the law and accepted practices;
  6. Facilitating a platform for discussing problems in the geotechnical engineering profession;
  7. Conducting professional meetings; To prepare and distribute journals and articles related to the profession;
  8. Contribute professional and technical advice and information to relevant parties as necessary;
  9. To give suggestions for the preparation of geotechnical standards, codes and similar works and to make all necessary contributions during their preparation, improvement and development;
  10. To protect and develop the general professional rights of the association and its members as well as all geotechnical engineers; To make all necessary efforts to raise the prestige of the profession;
  11. Striving to respect professional ethics by members and all people and organizations engaged in the profession;
  12. Develop the environmental awareness of geotechnical engineers;
  13. Recognizing Members who have made outstanding contributions;
  14. Collect literature relevant to the profession: geotechnical engineering known designs, films and other materials; Use and Protection;
  15. To provide new members of the association and other young geotechnical engineers with training that will make them a qualified competitor for the world of work, establish a mutual monitoring and support system and help them find work;
  16. Perform other duties related to the profession;